KelseyBelle Innocent Faced Part-time Girlfriend companion

Who is KelseyBelle?


I am that sweet, innocent looking, girl next door that you've always wondered to yourself, "I really wish I knew what she was really like behind closed doors?" Well for one thing I am definitely not as innocent as I look. Don't you know that all of us all natural red-head's are really closet freaks! That is one rumor about us that is most likely true. Even with a freakish side, in my case, I like to take my time to softly touch and tease you to the point where your almost not able to take it anymore. I love what I do and if I would have been born a guy I would be a hobbyist just like you. My appetite is close to insatiable, when you think I've had enough and could not possibly take anymore, I want even more. I'm not just talking about sex either. Don't get me wrong, I do like marathon sessions. However I also love holding, cuddling, and playing with each other. To really get to know each on a extremely sensual level and provide the kind of girlfriend experience that most of you are searching for but unfortunately falling short in receiving all too many times.

 I really do prefer the companionship of older gentleman. I just find that I get along much better with older men. I may be young but I prefer someone with more experience in and outside of the bedroom. I enjoy an intellectual conversation that I you can only get with  mature men and those that have had a lot more life experience. I'm just not into what younger guys who still want to just go out and party all the time and most likely haven't seen anything away from their hometown. So if you are an older gentleman, please don't pass me up thinking that we wouldn't be a good fit because you can check out my reviews for yourself and see that most of the men I've seen have been older and quite a few have been extremely surprised how well and quickly we connected. So If you're a little on the older side and you have been looking for a younger girl to spend time with you need not look any further, get ahold of me and find out exactly what the Kelsey Belle Experience is all about. I also prefer to do multiple hours so that we can get to know each other better, I always find that the whole experience is always better when you get to know each other a little better. Yet just another reason I prefer the older guys, is that generally speaking they seem to plan things out better and not wait until fifteen minutes before they want to see me to get ahold of me. I am a busy girl, between school, my life away from school, and all the work I put into what I do for work, it is hard to see someone without any advanced notice, especially if we have never met before. There is no way to check references or  complete verification with little to no  notice.

Well, I've written a lot here and there is a lot more information in the rest of my site. If you take your time and really read through my site I think I have answered almost any question you may have. If there is something you may have missed or have a question please feel free to ask.

Now hopefully you have a little better idea who Kelsey Belle is and why you shouldn't waste anymore time not getting in touch.



Kelsey Belle