My Donations are non-negotiable. Leave my donations in the form of cash in an unsealed greeting card. After entering my private in-call please set donation down in and go wash up. If you make me ask for it, I will ask you to leave and you will owe 100% of the donation. Before I will ever see you again.



Screening is a REQUIREMENT NOT AN OPTION.  AN ABSOLUTE MUST!! I will not confirm a date unless you complete screening process OR have the proper references. If your referances are more then 6 months old you must fill out the alternative screening for also. All information will be in confidence and private. I promise I want my identity and personal life to be kept as safe and secret as yours. If someone does not require screening or reputable references, I would be concerned if I was you. Not AA Friendly. 



As a young woman who takes great pride in her appearance, I like to be freshly clean and pristine. I do request that you shower, brush your teeth and have clean hands and clean under your finger nails before meeting.


Boundaries & Respect

Communication, respect and comfort is 100% key to me. Any rude / unscrupulous behavior will result in an instant conclusion to our date.  All gifts / deposits / or any other fee will not be returned. If you do request for an environment that I consider to be unsafe, I will decline the date immediately, this is entirely at my discretion. 


Deposits Policy

I require a 25% booking for all out of town bookings. If two hours or longer I require a 50% deposit. 

For in- town bookings there is no deposit for 60 minutes or less, however anything 2 or more requires a 50% deposit. Unless you are on a probationary period.


Cancellation Policy

**Cancellation Policy**

If you do not cancel within 10  hours of the appointment, the any pre-paid fee will be forfeited, if more then 10 hours are given you will receive your deposit back.

If you cancel 3 or more times I will require the entire session upfront to schedule again. This will also put you on a probationary period, for both in-town and out-of-town sessions. If you keep the scheduled appointment, it will then return to my normal policy, and you will no longer be considered on probation.

If I take your deposit and have to cancel the date due to an emergency or last minute occurrence, I will every effort to reschedule with you at the soonest possible time that works for both of us. And this is not an option i will refund your deposit.