My Donations are non-negotiable. I prefer my donations in the form of cash in an unsealed greeting card. when entering private in-call please set donation down in and go wash up. Please do not make me ask for it.


Screening is a REQUIREMENT. I will not confirm a date unless you complete screening process. All information will be in confidence and private.


As a young woman who takes great pride in her appearance, I like to be freshly clean and pristine. I do request that you shower, brush your teeth and have clean hands and clean under your finger nails before meeting.

How to Show Appreciation

9 AM or Earlier coffee required. I like Starbucks Caramel Macchiato & Hot like you / Scooters Hot Caramelicious like us in bed.

Gifts: Toys, Queen Size stockings, Bath bombs (lavender or flower scents), Perfume (Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream) , Red Wine - Pinot Noir / White Wine- Sweet Riessling 

Gift Cards: Lush, Victoria Secret,  Starbucks, Scooters, Gas Cards, Amazon, Younkers & Von Maur

What You Need to Know

**Not AA Friendly**

Pre-Book when Possible it will assure the time you want.

No Negation on Donation

You need to check my calendar and check it often so you know if I am going to be coming your way.  Most of the time I plan my trips well in advance but sometimes I may get a few days where I can play hooky from school and I wouldn't want you to miss out if I was to come your way.

Check Back Often

I don't want to sound to conceited, but I have been told may times that my pictures just do not do me justice. To all of you boys that have told me this I want to give you a big hug & a kiss, and tell you that makes a girl feel all tingly inside.

With that said I do know that you boys do like to see pics of me, especially new ones  in new sexy and provocative outfits. So I will update them often.

Boundaries & Respect

Communication, respect and comfort is 100% key to me. Any rude / unscrupulous behavior will result in conclusion to our date which gifts / deposits will not be returned. If you do request for an environment that I consider to be unsafe, I will decline the date immediately 

Deposits Policy

Since I am a very busy girl, I will require a 25% deposit on 2 hrs  and 50% on 3 hrs or longer.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that life can happen at unpredictable circumstances , I would appreciate if you gave me 48 hrs in advance. If you do cancel less then 48 hrs  then 25% for future date. If you decide to cancel our date in less then 24 hrs before our date, it will incur a cancellation fee of 50%.

If I take your deposit and have to cancel the date due to an emergency or last minute occurrence, I will gladly refund your deposit.