An Introduction

Come experience me for the first time Thirty or sixty minutes. But you want to make sure you book enough time to get the whole KBE, I don't want you to leave upset because you didn't book enough time.  - In  Cedar  Rapid - 200HHR / 300HR

Travel Rate -  250HHR/350  HR

The Intimate Connection

Lets get very intimate in ninety mInutes - There is quite bit you can do in 90 min. but there also might be a lot that we weren't able to do. I just want you to leave completely satisfied, so think everything you would do in a fantasy world and ask yourself (Is 90 min. really enough.) -500

Where Paradise is Found

Lets get lost in Paradise for two hours- Now if you ask me and a lot of my clients this is really the perfect amount of time for us to get to know each other and to see what the KBE could really be all about. Feel free to check out my reviews and you will see that a lot of clients agree. -600

A Lavish appetite

Lets roll around in the bed for 3 hours and get really hot. Now with this amount of time you will most likely understand what I mean by The KBE, and in case you don't know what KBE is, it's The Kelsey Belle Experience It's like GFE ON A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL! A lot of girls out there claim to do GFE but it ends up being nothing like it should be. I don't watch the clock hoping time will go faster I end up looking at the clock and seeing that 3 hrs. went by like the blink of an eye and our time is unfortunately up. So we have to say good-bye's so we can both get on to the next thing we have to do. -850.

Dinner & Drinks

Lets get to Know each other even deeper over dinner and drink 4 hours-1,050 This is only offered while on the road. I do not do dinner in drinks in home town due to discretion. That by no way means I won't see you for four hour in my hometown area it would just be four hours spent in my fantasy bedroom I have made especially for you boys. when you see it I think you will really get a look at my sweet, innocent, but yet so naughty side.

The Sweet Escape

When you know that there is no way possible to live out all those fantasies rolling around in your head and you want to spend sometime in paradise you can go with 6 hours for 1,500 and then just maybe you will have enough time.


All Day Affair

When you know that 6 hours just is not enough and you know you will be leaving after that sixth hour beating yourself up for not making a day of it. Go for the whole 12 hours, that way we can eat, talk, go out (if not in Cedar Rapids) and have all sorts of fun in the bedroom when ever you want. 2,100

**I do require at least 3 Hours of sleep ( if late nites)  and 2 meals during the day at  appropriate times **

Breakfast In Bed

 A morning to remember, 24hrs of nothing but little adorable me. Maybe you're just a single guy who would love to have a cute young fiery red-head to cuddle up to all night. Maybe your married and either you or her are out-of-town and you don't want to miss the opportunity to wake up and think that either you must be dreaming, or that or your wife has finally turned into a hot young nympho you've been dreamed about. The best way to experience the whole KBE. I'M ALL YOURS FOR A WHOLE DAY! 24HRS 3,500

**I do require at least 6 hours of sleep and meals at all appropriate times.**

Couples Escape

So maybe you are lucky enough to have a wife or significant other that maybe a little adventurous or kinky herself. All you have to do is add me and you can mark something off of 99% of any man's bucket list. Also I like girls almost as much as I like guy's so I'm positive that  this could be some of the best money you've ever spent. $450 for the 1st hour and $500 for each additional hour. 

When three is just not enough company

Come fulfill a long term fantasy of possibly yours and one of my one. This would  include lil' ole' me, you and your wifey, and another girl to top off the cake. For this fantasy it would be $600 for the first hour and $500 for each additional hour to be divided up however you want.


In-town Outcalls + $25-$50

Out of town Out-Calls + $75 - $200

**Subject to change pending on location**

Full Body Sensual Massage

Forty-Five Minutes

 Just lay back and let my hands do all the work. -230 w/ HE

Eighty Minutes

Have a little more time and either a rough day at work or home? - 350  w/HE

Two Hours

If you really need to just lay back and relax for awhile an leave with a big smile on your face. -550  w/HE



Due to the New SESTA Bill I am not permitted to Put My Menu on my website. If you are wanting to know more of what I do I am happy to provide a menu AFTER Screening.