Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

Most of my time is spent either at my Private In-call area but be sure to check my Calendar 

Do I Have to Pre-Pay or Give you a Deposit to Get an Appointment?

Yes I require a deposit now on all appointments of 25%s. 

And ALL dates over 2hrs or longer require 50% deposit. 

What is The Donation?

Please do NOT call me, text me or email me asking me such question. I know nothing about it and will just hang up.

Do You have Advanced Pre-Booking Touring Specials?

Not at this time

Do You Have Any Special Rates For Vets?

Yes I do offer Vets a discount of 10% off.

Basic Screening Requirements

You Maybe Asking Your Self What Do I Need?

**Please Fill Out Form on booking page**

**This Screening process may take up to 4 hours or up to a day. So  please inquire as early as possible. AND leave as much time as possible before your requesting a date.**

There is no need to sign up for a membership service as long as you are willing to go through my screening process. 

This information can be submitted on my screening form below.


Websites / Review Sites


The Following Memberships Are Most Quickly Verified

Roomserivce2000 (RS2K/ RS-AVS) And Preferred411.

GBN Reviews and White listed member are also welcome but typically take longer than verification sites


Please tell me your full name, City & State and number they have for you. When you text me to confirm outdate you must from the same number they have for you on file.

**When we meet I will need to see a Government issued ID such as Divers licenses , State ID or Passport.**

Preferred Members:

Please send me an Appointment requst there. Once we've agreed to upon date & time, 

If you do not have recent okays there (including recent okays) I will ask additional information. 

GBN White List Member or Reviewers & Eccie

Please send me a PM (Private Message) on there to insure me that indeed is your account. Then Ill send out references request to a couple whom have reviewed you there and/or Whitelisted you.

ECCIE: I do require your Name and 2 current references with in 6 months.  ** Anything over 6 months is not expectable**   And you will have to fill out my screening form.

Frequently Asked Questions


This Will Be My 1st time Visiting With a Professional Companion. Do You See First Timers or Newbie?

I am "Newbie Friendly" How ever the only issue is screening, but this is possible if you are provide the personal information I ask. FULL NAME:( First, Middle, Last)

Please read my website throughly and carefully prior to contacting me. I will do my best to provide enough discrete information to help you out. If you do not tell me you are new to the hobby when scheduling you could make some  "Newbie" blunders  upon meeting. I could ask you to leave. So advice me of this in advance so that I may help u avoid that!

Will You Tell Me YOUR Real Name And Your ID Too?

Do you need my real name rather or not to see me? Here's the way I see it: You get to view naked photos of me and read explicit reviews about me to see that I am well established , refutal provider.

You can also use that info to see if I am what you seek.

My research and vetting process requires your real name. Then when we meet I need to see you ID so I know you are actually the person I agreed to meet.

What Purpose Does a Real Name Serve?

Basically, I research you on the internet. In addition to the usual verification and standard provider resources, Ill use Lindkin, Facebook and the Sex Offender Registry List and others.

Yes, People who are on the sex offender registry list have history of domestic violence and have tried to see providers. Obviously we want to avoid this. And I do not wish to come face to face with one.

Will You see Women & Couple or Just Men?

Yes I will see women and couples. This can be quiet a good time. 

Real life information is required  for all involved in "party" and screening Is always required for all involved.

May I have a Outfit Request?

Yes. I have many outfits and dresses. I will do my best to fulfill the look your going for.